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Our name, rocklit partners, derives from concepts representing our work and our beliefs. In rocklit, rock stands for solid foundation/reason/"doing", and lit(as in light) for abstract fluidity/feelings/"being". We believe in bridging these opposites; we find both comfort and growth. Partners represent the approach we take in everything we do, as a work of partnership with our clients, organizations, and communities. 



From Our Founder & CEO


Welcome! Are you navigating the corporate world while juggling the demands of work and personal life? As a fellow traveler on this journey, I understand the unique challenges that come with being a leader in today's fast-paced world.


My journey to emotional intelligence started with a wake-up call. Caught in a cycle of burnout and dissatisfaction, I made the bold decision to transform my life. As I embarked on a path of rigorous self-discovery and personal growth, I realized the significance of emotions in decision-making and uncovered my calling as an EQ Coach. Drawing from my own experiences, I transitioned from a solid business career to emotional intelligence coaching, recognizing that emotions serve as the gateway to unlocking new possibilities and finding innovative solutions in seemingly challenging situations.


As your EQ Coach, I support you in forging the connection between emotions and reason, empowering you, as a leader, to unravel complex problems by leveraging emotional intelligence for personal and professional growth. In my practice, I guide clients to access their inner wisdom through my distinctive approach, which intertwines my EQ coaching expertise with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques.


Authenticity and growth are my guiding principles, and my passion is to help you achieve genuine success in both personal and professional realms—without sacrificing one for the other.


With an international background spanning five countries and three continents, my coaching style is as diverse as my experiences. This rich tapestry of life has shaped my holistic perspective, allowing me to resonate with clients from various cultural backgrounds and offer tailored coaching that strikes a chord with their specific needs.


Choosing to work with me is more than just collaborating with an EQ Coach; it's embarking on a journey of self-discovery and growth alongside a compassionate and knowledgeable guide who has walked the path herself—navigating cultural nuances, career pivots,  and personal growth. Together, we'll unlock your true potential and develop the emotional intelligence needed to thrive in today's and future leadership landscape. 



Here's what some of my clients say:


"Svetlana helped me to gain important insights about the blindspots that were hindering my progress towards my current goals and to let go of some worries and fears that were not serving me. I greatly appreciated her professionalism, warmth, and perceptivity." - Sandra


"The practice with Svetlana felt so clear to me, to really be able to connect with an emotion that has been causing a blockage for so long (perhaps even my entire life). It's been a truly transformative part of my journey." - Georgia


"Prior to having Svetlana as a coach, I did not fully recognize how my emotions affected my daily life. With the knowledge she has shared with me, I am now more aware of my feelings and able to clarify my thoughts and release stress." - Ruli


If you're looking for an EQ Coach who can help you maximize your emotional intelligence and achieve your goals, I'd be honored to work with you!

rocklit partners

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