Who is this for?

Welcome! If you're new to my work, here's a great place to start. This webinar lays a strong foundation in emotional intelligence, or EQ. It suits anyone curious by how emotions play into leadership and life. Join me to discover how EQ skills help you become your best self, both professionally and personally.

Key insights

Why EQ? : How is emotional intelligence relevant to leadership? We'll explore how emotions impact the workplace and the importance of managing them effectively as a leader.

What is EQ?: Learn about the science behind how we process emotions and thoughts. We will demystify some of the misconceptions and define emotional intelligence in straightforward terms.

How to EQ?: Gain practical tips through three key questions that can enhance your emotional intelligence right away. This part focuses on actionable steps to improve your leadership with emotional intelligence.




April 20(Sat) 10-11am JST
May 21(Tue) 12-1pm JST
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